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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here we go!

OK. I did it. I have a blog. It's been on my mind to do it for quite some time, but the catalyst was reading these words of a favorite blogger, Nina Camic http://ninacamic.blogspot.com:

One question that I have for you, the reader: so what has happened to all the women who are done with child-rearing? Are they too exhausted to blog? With one notable exception, every female blogger that I know is either prior to or in the midst of child rearing. And even if she decides not to have children – she is definitely under the age of fifty. Young voices permeate the blogosphere: they set the tone even as they write from a history that is very very short. ...Oh point me to the blogging woman who is a decade older than I am! Missing, she is missing from my list of daily blogs.

Here I am. I don't know yet how this blog will evolve. I'll be writing about how I fill my days: my family, my garden, my opinions, reading, cooking, bridge (are there any other bridge blogs out there?), maybe a little travel. I want to make photography a more regular part of my life, so I'll be providing ongoing graphic commentary where appropriate. And we're off.


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