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Saturday, December 09, 2006


A while back, in reference to the e-coli panic which seems only to be worsening, I made a passing reference to grain-fed cattle. Now it appears that this may also be the source of the best-tasting beef. This Slate article (which does an excellent job of explaining all the hoof-to-table options) declared the steaks from this Idaho ranch to be the hands-down winner in a taste test. Predictably, the company is swamped with orders. I don't know that I'd go to the trouble of ordering meat by mail - part of the problem would be that I'd have to get too much of it all at one time - but this has strengthened my resolve to seek it out locally. Whole Foods does carry grass-fed beef (albeit just a tiny fraction of its overall selection); I'm going to try it. Not that I often buy beef - but then all the more reason to buy the best, right?


Blogger SuperMom said...

Personally I'm not a huge fan of grass-fed beef. It tastes really gamy which is one reason I usually don't care for the venison that all the hunters in Superdad's family (or Superdad himself!) are stocking our freezer with.

I'd love to hear your thoughts after you try it!

1:59 PM  
Blogger sixty-five said...

I haven't had much (any) experience with venison, but maybe you can experiment and find some ways to make it more palatable. Try spicy things, like chili, Indian foods, Tex-Mex, etc. It seems like it could be the best/safest meat option in these days of scary feedlots, overfeeding with corn, unclean conditions, etc. And the price sounds right! Just reading today that just THIRTEEN slaughterhouses in the US process the meat that serves all 300 million of us. Not good! Also, with the grass-fed beef, I'm guessing there are big variations based on the producer. That place in the link sounds as if it goes overboard to do everything possible to make the meat tasty (proper aging, etc). Also I discovered that our "little" Whole Foods doesn't even have it; I'll have to go to the new "big" one. I will report when I've had a chance to try it.

3:59 PM  

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