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Friday, February 09, 2007


So anyway, Supermom and I had a most pleasant afternoon. Lunch was delicious (see comment on previous post for details), and afterwards we went back to the MOMA, where there were no further Flay sightings, and then on to some heavy-duty retail browsing. As we progressed, I noticed that Supermom was paying special attention to the high-end bags - in preparation, I am assuming, for today's planned bargain-hunting on Canal St. Anxious to hear how that panned out.

We parted ways at about 5, and I was about to descend into the subway, but then chose, instead, to spend the rush hour with a pot of coffee at Le Pain Quotidien. The main reason I snapped the photo above was to remind myself about old-time tractor seats. I have one of those in the garage; my father-in-law snagged it somewhere - probably at a country auction - and it was always my husband's intent to mount it on something and use it as a little seat for backyard grilling. Well, that never happened. But see how great they look hanging on a wall!


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