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Monday, September 28, 2009

The prescient cook

Sometimes you start cooking with the idea of using up random stuff that you have on hand and you can just tell, before it's even halfway done, that it's going to be good.

Here's what I did: Sauteed a lot of sliced fresh mushrooms in a little butter and olive oil in big deep cast iron pan. Tossed in a couple of blobs of frozen caramelized sliced onions (I prepare batches of these - just cook onions slowly til they have a rich, brown color - and freeze in "blobs" on foil, then wrap the blobs individually in plastic and put in a ziploc bag). Stirred in what was left of my big bag of frozen chopped spinach (quite a lot) and a well-drained large can of wild salmon. Stirred it around a bit and seasoned (being careful with the salt as the salmon I used was quite salty).

Meanwhile I am cooking a big batch of brown basmati rice. When it's done I'll stir in as much of it as seems right, then I'll mix it all together and put it in a pan and grate some swiss cheese over the top. A few minutes in the oven or under the broiler should be enough to finish it off.

Almost sounds like something Betty Draper might cook, doesn't it? Except, come to think of it, she'd have used Minute Rice, and I think that frozen vegetables only came in those little rock-hard rectangular packages then. Oh, and I suppose canned cream of mushroom soup might have been involved. Well, progress!


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