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Monday, August 21, 2006

MOMA etc

Today is a New York day. Z and I make the 1:28 train that leaves from my corner (5 minute walk) and takes half an hour to get to Penn Station. We hop the E train to the MOMA which is our primary destination. We use H's borrowed corporate pass to get in free, allowing us to splurge on panini (Z) and raspberry mango tart (me) in the cafe later. We both enjoy the art and the people-watching. A security guard shows me (politely and cheerfully) how to set my camera to not flash; I am grateful to learn this. It will expand my photographic horizons considerably.

It's a beautiful day to be in the city. We wander through Takashimaya, Henri Bendel and Prada, near-museums of another order. On the ground floor of Bendel, super-aggressive cosmetics salespeople and makeover artists assault Z; they all ignore me as I shuffle along in her wake. On the fifth floor we notice for the first time the historic pre-WWI Lalique windows. It's six now, and we decide to head home. We are on the 6:40, in the door at 7:15. An easy trip overall, but Z remarks that she prefers commuting the LA way - on the freeways. Time spent stuck in traffic (but in one's own space surrounded by one's own music) seems preferable to time spent waiting on a crowded subway platform. Still, she will be up for more tomorrow.

And now I blog. I am annoyed because I can't seem to get photos to appear in the middle of a post - only at the beginning. How is it done? The position of the BLOGGER cursor seems to be irrelevant. I guess I will do another post just to accommodate some of the photos I had intended to insert in this one.


Blogger nina said...

Oh, how I miss New York! Thank you...

So, you are in blogger. You are doing a new post. You have the "compose" tab before you. Sitch to the "htmll" tab and insert your pics anywheree within the text.

Does that make senese? Send me an email if you're still wonderin'.

Man, love those photos...

1:41 AM  

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