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Friday, April 06, 2007

People Reading

Yes, I'm slacking off again. I kept thinking I'd have some bloggable garden updates, but each day dawns grayer and drearier than the one before. Fine gardening weather for some - but not for me. Still, I've filled umpteen bags with winter debris and pruned most of the roses. Planted pansies at the library. It was my plan to treat the lawn with corn gluten meal this season - supposed to fertilize AND suppress weeds. This hasn't happened yet, and time is running short. Has to be done "when the forsythia blooms", which is NOW. Apparently you get it at a "feed store". Hmmm. Not a lot of those around here, though I think I saw such a thing in Westfield once, en route to Trader Joe's. Maybe worth a trip. Or maybe not.

Instead, much reading and DVD-viewing. Notably, Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette - a most charming confection. A book I particularly enjoyed was Vita Sackville-West's All Passion Spent, and I've just tracked down a BBC "Masterpiece Theater" version of same, starring Dame Wendy Hiller. I already know it's going to be wonderful.

And here's another blog I'm curiously addicted to: People Reading. Superficial, yes. But it only takes a second to check it out - no long-winded reviews or analyses. And sometimes you learn somthing.


Blogger SuperMom said...

We used corn gluten last year. I can't say that it really helped w/weed suppression though, who knows, maybe it did. Still though, I was out there pulling quite a lot.

We bought our through a local organization working to encourage homeowners to change to a pesticide free lawn care regimen. I understand the price was discounted and I just drove to a house in WFB to pick it up.

Even though I didn't notice a VAST improvement, I did notice some improvement (though I think Joe might disagree) and I did pre-order some for this year (not time for us to put ours down yet).

Good luck! It's worth the effort to go track some down and at least try it.

Here's a very helpful website w/tips and a calendar (though it is geared to Wisconsin weather): http://www.healthycommunitiesproject.org/yardcaretips2.pdf

5:24 PM  

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