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Sunday, November 04, 2007

About Last Night

How far would you travel for a 3-hour meet-up with a group of old friends? In a noisy basement. (Sorry, kids, but I tell it like it is.) For many of us, it seems, pretty far.

There was, of course, the NY-based group: Phil, Brian, Ken, DD, Elaine, Sue, and special invited guests, the old "profs" - Tim, Steve and Barbara. And the New Jersey contingent: Philippe, Pat, Steve, me. Westchester: that would be Rob, Theresa, Diane. Long Island: Frances and Michael. But then there was Mary, all the way from Germany! And Ginette, from Haiti. And Pat (the only other grandparent, I think) came from Montana. Frank came from Michigan, Holly and Joe and Randy and Peter from St Louis. Rick came all the way from San Francisco. John and Sara from Ohio. Chris came down from Maine, and Paul and Lisa came from Boston. Tom drove down from NW Connecticut. Josie flew up from South Carolina. And there were, of course, all the assorted spouses and partners.

Talk wasn't just about architecture. This is a fifty-ish crowd, and there are concerns about college admissions. Kids. Juggling home and work. Lots of us are gardeners, it seems. And painters. And golfers! There must be something really special about those intense three years that made us all want to try to recapture it all. To try to bring back the magic, just for a few hours. Oh that's starting to sound corny and stupid. But trust me. It was absolutely wonderful.

Today there will be a reunion of another kind: the solvers and constructors from http://www.doublecrostic.com/! We are, for the most part, "virtual" friends! We met like this once, a few years ago, to celebrate the 1000th puzzle. Now there have been over 2000 and it's time for another party. I need to check the marathon route to make sure I can get to the upper east side by noon without any hitches. And I'm grateful for the extra hour of sleep.


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