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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Decking and Clearing

Before I can deck the halls I need to clear the decks. Lots of consolidation and removal going on here.

Mark Bittman's little NYT video yesterday about making smoothies reminded me that the freezer is full of random bags of frozen fruit - a good way to work through them. But here's a new twist: I also had leftover cranberry sauce (fresh berries cooked with sugar and a little orange juice and zest) on hand - saving it for what? It was a perfect addition to a blueberry/milk/orange juice smoothie. So good that I think I might cook more cranberries in the future just to have on hand for this.


Anonymous nina said...

Now that's a good idea! I thought Bittman's clip was (just this time) lame. Is there a person out there who does not know how to make a smoothie? With fruit? To which you add juice if it's too thick? I miss his tips on making breads and pizzas and paellas and such. It's cold outside. We need comfort foods!

4:12 AM  

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