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Monday, March 10, 2008

Jasper Johns

So, I actually DID end up going to the Met on Saturday, despite the rain.
One of the special exhibits right now is devoted to paintings of Jasper Johns that are entirely GRAY. The works are culled from throughout his career. It would be wrong to assume that he had something like a "gray period"; it's just an idea that he keeps returning to.
In the pastel class, which is very much about color theory, we've discussed how gray is always the result when you combine the three primary colors, or when you combine two complimentary colors. Of course there is a vast RANGE of grays that will result when you do this. In the Johns show catalog, which I thumbed through, an interview with the artist makes this same point. Johns has said it's his favorite color.
There is another exhibit devoted to Johns' work right now at a gallery in Chelsea. It's just drawings from the last ten years, and they're not just gray. I like Johns' work, for the most part, and I was thinking of going, and still may.
But then I came across this interesting film clip of the show's opening night. The artist (nearly eighty now) is there. Lots of art world bigwigs (though who knows who they all are). Lots of gabbing. Very little looking at the art. If you've wondered what these events are like, pour yourself some wine and take a look. You'll think you're part of the scene.
UPDATE: And here, remarkably, is a video tour of the opening of the Met show. Pretty soon we can all just stay home.


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Blogger sukipoet said...

Very much enjoyed watching these two videos. Wonderful to have an entire show of greys. Do you tell more somewhere else abt your pastel class? I love pastels but rarely do them. Thanks for making me feel sophisticated vicariously of course.

7:26 PM  

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