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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Where I'm Not

This is the weekend of the big crossword tournament. After the success of the movie, Wordplay, it became so popular that it outgrew its original venue in Stamford, Connecticut and is being held this year at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott. I waffled all week about whether to go or not. I know my times aren't anywhere good enough to win, since I use the "timed applet" every day when I do the Times puzzle, and can see where I fit in. Not the worst, but nowhere near the best.

It snowed a little last night, and when I looked outside this morning, still waffling, I decided that I wasn't up for the trek. Now it's all sunny and the snow is practically gone. I'm wishing I hadn't been such a wimp.

So I signed up to do the tournament puzzles on-line, which I've never done before. This is something anyone can do, and it can be done at leisure, any time through December, 2008. It costs $20 to do this, and you get results that are timed and scored just as if you had been there in person. For me, the on-line part is actually advantageous, since I always have a lot of trouble switching to the unnatural-for-me pencil and paper mode. Still, it won't be quite the same.


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