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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Sun, and a Brooklyn itinerary

I've mentioned the NY Sun from time to time. If I don't happen to be breakfasting at Raymond's (that would be most of the time), I have to read it on line. Even the libraries don't have it. It's a weekdays-only paper, so no thousand-pound Sunday behemoth to plow through. I must have subscribed, at one point, to a daily "recap" of some kind, since I now get a morning email with a roster of headlines and a brief summary of each article. Even THAT they do really well.

The puzzle is as good or better than the one in the Times, and respected as such by afficianados. The politics are conservative. (I'm still behind Obama, so far, but that doesn't mean I don't remain open to all points of view.) And among the real treasures are the "Abroad in New York" columns of Francis Morrone, the architectural historian.

Today he is writing about Brooklyn's historic Brighton Line, part of the NYC transit system. Just when Mayor Bloomberg is exhorting New Yorkers to vacation at home this year (and I love that idea) comes a specific itinerary that really does sound like a vacation. And I've always wanted to try Di Fara's legendary pizza; now I know how to get there. I'm saving this one.


Blogger Lynn said...

Well Mayor Bloomburg would not be happy with the likes of me. I traveled through 13 states last month and enjoyed a road trip to top all road trips. Yes, the gas was expensive, but we saw a multitude of wonderous sites, enjoyed meeting interesting people, visited freinds and family members, and just had fun.
We called it our "Last Hurrah" but I bet it won't be. ;-)

11:11 PM  
Blogger joco said...

Good morning 65,

How expensive is expensive I wonder.
Gas (petrol) has now risen to over £5 per gallon, which roughly equates to $10. Did I say per gallon? Yes I did.

Wonder if yours is anywhere near that yet.
Does 'at home' mean inside a particular State these days? Or within the US? In which case you need never run out of ideas of what to visit.

3:35 AM  

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