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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Remontant Irises

I don't grow irises; that's my excuse for not knowing before about these "remontant" , or re-blooming ones, some of which, apparently bloom in November.
A little like having fresh raspberries in March. I can't decide whether or not I approve!


I wanted to do a quick up-and-back to Newton to view a day of This Old House filming - my last chance, since they're wrapping up next week. A lot of driving for such a short trip, so it seemed like a great time to try the Megabus. Here's how it works: you go on line and tell it what day you want to go, and where. It tells you what's available and how much. At first, for any route, all seats are $1. As the bus begins to fill, the price begins to go up, but I think that it doesn't go past $20. From NY it comes and goes from Penn Station, which makes for a super convenient train connection for me. Clean, fast, and straightforward. Plenty of people were taking advantage of the free wi-fi, and there were electric outlets at every seat. Megabus, I know I haven't seen the last of you!