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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More NYC photos

Ah - now I get it. I think it's best to put in all the photos first, then type the text in between them. Above are the beads I went crazy for in Takashimaya. They're by a German artist - Axel Russmeyer. Only $4000 a strand - almost a bargain for something so beautiful. The actual jewelry images are from elsewhere on the web, since Takashimaya, like most stores, doesn't welcome random photographers.

This is one of the Lalique windows at Bendel. I believe they were rediscovered when Bendel took over the building and renovated it in the 80's.

These little biker cab things are all over the place these days. This one had to be snapped in motion so it's a little blurry.

Here's another kind.

And, finally, an aerial view of the aggressive makeup-mongers. They create quite an obstacle course for anyone who enters the store.


Anonymous Sue Gleason said...

Love that Lalique window,

2:36 PM  

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