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Monday, August 14, 2006

Showing off and reminiscing

Those last two posts were mostly just experiments to see if I could get links to those clips to show up here. Because I am using Blogger I can take advantage of a special Blog This button since it's all part of the Google system. I think I might want to learn to fine tune this somehow, and be able to paste a YouTube clip into a post more like a regular graphic. There's something odd about the way the titles are formatted when it's done this way. Oh well. I'll figure it out in time.

It's true that I used to go to the movies all the time with my Bloomington grandmother. My grandfather (Fafa) never came with us, though the three of us would often go out to dinner together afterwards. Most often it would be to the Jefferson Cafeteria, but sometimes we'd go to the Village Inn (a rathskellar-y sort of place with a lot of murals, stairways, and little private nooks and crannies for seating) or the YWCA, or, less frequently, the dining hall at Illinois Wesleyan which must have been open to the public. And then I'd pester them to take me to buy a fresh batch of comic books in the tiny newsstand next door to Walgreen's: Archie, Little Lulu, Donald Duck, Nancy and Sluggo, Katy Keene - those were the favorites, especially Little Lulu. I must have had hundreds of them.