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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Wednesday is a bridge day. The setting is beautiful and the company is refined. But it's not the same as the cutthroat game at the VFW Hall where I play on Tuesday and Thursday nights. And there are no "points" involved.

Still, who can resist a setting like this?

Afterwards there are errands. I make an abortive run to the dry cleaners to pick up things for daughter H. Not ready yet - grrr. Then I stop off to check out the newly remodeled A&P. Yikes! This is not your grandmother's A&P! Truffles!? Under lock and key! Ever since Whole Foods came to town the other markets have been tripping over each other to try to compete. We are getting a giant-size NEW Whole Foods in West Orange any minute, and now there is talk that there will be a local Trader Joe's. I'm not complaining.


Blogger SuperMom said...

We just got a new Whole Foods and it's HUGE. Two levels, restaurants and different food stations here and there... it's insane (and wonderful)! And a Trader Joe's opens about five minutes from me in one month and five days, but I'm not excited or anything.

Do you ever watch Iron Chef America? In an episode I saw the other night (battle chicken eggs w/Bobby Flay and some anonymous challenger) the challenger was throwing truffles around like it was nobody's business. Seeing that price tag is making me wince, quite literally!

Oh duh, just remembered you don’t have a TV.

11:14 AM  
Blogger holly said...

I watched that episode and the truffles were definitely a bit out of control. A bit unnecessary, if you ask me, from both an economical and gastronomical perspective. I went to this "truffle" restaurant in Rome during one of my trips, and it was a similar thing...yummy but a bit overkill and not all that necessary.

And for the record, the dry cleaner had promised that the pants would be ready on Monday, so I thought that 3 days later they most surely would be ready. But thank you again for trying!

7:26 PM  
Blogger sixty-five said...

Supermom: I think our big new WF will be more like yours. I was reading about yours in the JS online; I love the idea that it's tied into a health-care facility!

Holly: Not blaming your for the wild goose chase - no problem!

10:21 PM  

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