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Monday, October 02, 2006

Mysterious Blondes

Grabbing a coffee to go this morning on the way to the garden club meeting I'm greeted by name by an attractive blonde. I return the cheerful hello, but - who is it? I don't think I'm losing my memory - I think it's more about my contemporaries all changing their hair color. I'm more than a little tempted to do it myself. But I know what would happen. It would be yet another thing to do - another thing I wouldn't stay on top of. I can't even seem to remember to get it cut. Oh well. At least people will continue to recognize me. Some things will never change.


Blogger ibby said...

That's a funny story. Not sure I see you as a blonde though. Even Liz Taylor came to her senses long enough to go back to black.

7:38 PM  

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