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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'll have what she's having....

Other languages - Urdu, for example - have a special word for "the mother of my daughter's husband". English is clumsy in that respect. At any rate, there are two of these special people in my life, and one of them is here for an extended visit. Yesterday we spent some time together in the city. Here we are at lunch. I have ordered the bento box, and she has chosen the open-face salmon sandwich.

Wait a minute! Yours looks so much better than mine! Waitress! I have changed my mind!

Ah! Much better. Delicious! I didn't photograph the tiny desserts: little rectangles of coconut custard with mango puree. Perfection.


Blogger AlexanderTheGreat said...

That DOES look better, whatever it is. No Bento boxes in Tulsa that I can find however.

Also enjoyed reading about Urdu on Wiki.

khudā hāfiz

8:52 PM  
Blogger sixty-five said...

Check out the Palace Cafe for a bento experience in Tulsa. Sounds like a cool place!

9:41 PM  

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