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Friday, January 25, 2008

Vaseline and bacon

No masterworks to show yet. They may, in fact, be slow in coming. We're working through a lot of academic exercises, such as color and value studies, and experiments with different "grounds" (surfaces). All worthwhile and exciting, but not really about "results". Drawing every day has become a priority, though. Most of the time now I am either drawing or reading about drawing or thinking about drawing. I may photograph a few things just so you can see what I'm talking about. Or I may not!

In the meantime, I wanted, before I forgot, to pass on two of the best things I learned in the last few weeks.

1. If the gaskets on your refrigerator or freezer doors are misbehaving to the extent that the doors keep popping open at inconvenient times, try rubbing some vaseline into them. I had gotten so far as to actually have a NEW refrigerator delivered because of this pesky behavior. But with the new one in place and the old one already on the truck, it became apparent that the new one didn't really fit the space as well as I had hoped (we were dealing with clearances of fractions of an inch), so I had them bring the old one back inside and cart away the new one. The vaseline trick worked wonders! The other thing I did was remove the icemaker which was taking up an absurd amount of room. I can easily keep a few trays worth of ice cubes in airtight plastic bags - more than enough for my ice needs which are practically nil. Yay! Way more freezer space!

2. Cooked bacon freezes perfectly. So cook up a bunch at a time (in the oven, perhaps). Then wrap the slices, a few at a time, in paper towels and then into a plastic freezer bag. You can easily have ONE SLICE any time you want it by nuking for 30 seconds. Why did I never know this til now?

As for the black cake - patience! I will post the recipe as an "update" to the original as soon as I get a chance.


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