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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rain and garage door

We have had some days of heavy rain, much needed in the garden (and surely in the reservoirs) so I can't really complain. Well, maybe a little ... as it turns out I am taking an intensive 3-session landscape pastel class (same teacher as before) in lieu of the official continuation which was cancelled (not enough takers, in the end). The first session was last Friday, the day of the most torrential downpour, and the second class is this Friday, more rain predicted then as well.

And the handyman turned out to be a little less handy than previously advertised. After he departed, I suddenly realized I couldn't open the garage door. I figured he had either tried to "fix" it (it has never closed properly, but otherwise worked fine), or else he had FORCED it to close and something had "snapped", or whatever it is that garage door mechanisms do.

So I called and yelled at him to come and make it right. To his credit he came right away. He was strong enough to be able to get it open. But too strong, it seems. With one mighty push, he rolled it up and up and up and up ... yes, it just kept GOING, and the whole door crashed down INSIDE the garage!!!! What a noise it made!!! Astonishingly, nothing broken - not even a flower pot. But still....

More yelling ensued. Handyman was banished forthwith.

It was easier than I imagined to get it fixed properly. Turns out there are people who specialize in garage door repair, and mine wasn't anything unusual. The guy came within an hour, got it all rehung and working better than ever before. (It closes perfectly now.)

So today it's a glorious day and I spent all morning enjoying the garden, which looks better than it ever has, if I do say so. I must post some pictures... I will! I will!

But first... off to book club!


Blogger sukipoet said...

Well I did get a good laugh out of the garage door incident. Those handymen. Have fun at the pastel classes and bookclub. Suki

9:46 AM  
Blogger AlexanderTheGreat said...

LOLZ @ yelling

PS the post word verification is "fixit", double LOLZ

8:34 PM  

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