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Friday, July 25, 2008

Technical difficulties

A few weeks ago I was without on-line access for a few days. After conferring with Sid in India, it seemed that the best solution was to forget about the wifi/router thing and just connect the laptop directly to the modem. As in the olden days.

This would be fine. And it IS fine. Except that for no apparent reason the ethernet cable that connects the laptop to the modem is unreliable. I am constantly (like right NOW, for example), losing my connection and having to jiggle or otherwise reset the cable. In virtually every case there is absolutely no physical reason for the disconnect.

The minimalist in me likes the fact that I can just LOOK at the modem (it's right there, not in some far away room) and see whether all the lights are on. At least I know what to do about it. But the crabby old lady in me wishes they would just all STAY on.

Would a replacement cable help, o gurus who might be reading this....?

Update: After posting this I decided to root around and see if I had another cable. I did. And it seems fine now. Sometimes life is simple.

Update 2: Rarely is life simple. The second cable is also showing signs of flakiness. Which makes me wonder whether the problem is in the computer - maybe something wrong with the place where the cable connects? I dread having to go back to Sid, but it might be necessary.


Blogger Earlene said...

Poor baby. I understand your frustration. I too am a minimalist and like to keep it simple. I just moved into an Active Senior Community and tried to use the wifi in the rec room and got tired of dragging my lap top a block twice a day, not to mention trying to write my blog with all those frisky seniors milling about. I ordered cable and hi speed for my apt and will get back in the saddle so to speak. Hang in there.

6:55 PM  

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