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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running out of excuses

Well, maybe it is finally time for me to get back on the blogging bandwagon. Not only is it a cinch on the new iPhone, but an even newer shiny white MacBook has replaced the clunky old Dell. Plus there's another blogging daughter to keep up with now:


Take a look, especially if you want to know about what's hip in Austin and environs. I'll add her to the blogroll as soon as I remember how. If she can take photos like that with the iPhone just imagine what she'll do when she gets herself a "real" camera!

I mentioned the Boston party. Of course visiting the Newton gang in the new This Old House (speaking of blogging daughters!) was part of the agenda. There was a baseball game to watch, and a soccer game, and a most delightful afternoon spent at the De Cordova Museum in nearby Lincoln.

Uh oh! I was about to show you a photo or two. But uploading from iPhoto to Blogger seems to be a little tricky. How do I figure out what the file name is?? I'm sure it will be easy as pie once I work it out. Patience!!


Blogger Isabel Breeze said...

Thank you for directing all of your loyal readers to my little blog. My iphone pictures are giving me such pain but the good news is I JUST ordered a fancy camera so soon I'll have no one but myself to blame. Can't wait for it to get here!!

3:21 PM  

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