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Monday, October 02, 2006


NY Times critic Frank Bruni demoted Italian celebrity restaurant Da Silvano from 2 stars to 1 last week, but in the process, wrote, "my favorite was taglierini contadina: narrow, flat noodles with crumbled sausage, peas, cream and tomato, coexisting in blissful harmony". My Googling skills failed me when I tried to track down the recipe, although I felt I could most likely improvise, given the description. But I found the cookbook at a giveaway price on half.com (I know, I know - just what I need - another cookbook) and it arrived today. In the book it's called Tagliatelle Contadina and I'll be making it soon. Quite a number of other temptations in there, too.


Blogger holly said...

Count us in! Want to make it for dinner this week (and have us try it too!?!!?)

2:26 AM  

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