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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fire, fire!

I won't bother with excuses. But, for one thing, I've had no phone, hence no internet (DSL) for over a week. Yesterday the Verizon guy finally came, and, after several hours, reported that the line was working, but that I'd have to get a new phone. (Old one, and also the new Zoom router/modem that provides my wireless connection both zapped by lightning, it seems.) This accomplished, I wait the requisite sixteen hours for it to charge, bringing us to this morning.

Ring! Ring! (unfamiliar sound - the first call!)

Me: Hello?
Voice: This is the alarm service calling about the residence of H.B. The fire alarm at their home has gone off, and the fire department has been dispatched....
Me: Eek! I'm her mom. I'll run over there right away!

False alarm, thank goodness, and as I expected. There was some water damage in the basement during the recent Nor'easter, and concrete workers were there creating a lot of heat and dust. H and D were both there too, as it turned out, and the most pressing issue was figuring out how to turn OFF the alarm, which alternates a piercing siren with a loud, disembodied male voice that shouts, "Fire! Fire! Clear the area immediately!" It took quite a while to silence the thing.

Never a dull moment over there.


Blogger SuperMom said...

Yikes, I'm just trying to envision it all! And wasn't it a neighbor's house of theirs that DID suffer fire damage last fall? That's what I immediately thought of when you mentioned a fire alarm.

Sorry to hear of the water damage, but also relieved to hear that there was no FIRE damage!

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it was quite dramatic, but there was no actual danger or any fear of fire (and the good news was that I was home to deal with all of the drama...although a big "thanks!" to mom for coming over to check to make sure everything was okay. It was just the typical chaos of contractors of all types crawling around the house from top to bottom (literally!). I guess I should be happy that the contractors all showed up and were doing work, but it was quite a crazy day. Police and fire department had to visit two times (I hope I don't get written up in the newspaper), security company visited twice, concrete contractors continuing to set off the alarm despite polite requests not to do so; painting contractors crawling through gutters removing debris that they left when they painted the house which was exacerbating the flooding problem, and then the painters had to move inside to fix all of the windows that STILL don't open properly, then the carpenter coming and going several times during the day prepping for the work he has to do (build a new back door and then a new wall in the basement, once the whole floor thing is done. And then there's the waterproofing company who needs to determine how they are going to get their work done. Oh and then, of all things, the landscaping company decides to show up and mow the lawn... Oh and contractors need beverages and food (first rule of renovations - keep your workers happy by providing them their beverage of choice - non-alcholoic of course - so that well hydrated and full of good food)...so we probably made 30 cups of coffee that data, provided a case of vitamin water, even a pizza was delivered. Yup, just a typical day at 89!

And believe it or not, the concrete contractors are STILL here working (10:30pm), and have asked to come back at 3am to start working again! I initially thought he was joking, but when I realized that he wasn't, I polited indicated that there would not be anyone arriving at 89 before 5:30am (and even that was too early...we have neighbors to think about afterall). But since I go to boot camp at 5:30am, I figured I would be up anyway.

Anyway, 89 has more drama than a daytime soap...I just hope the finished product looks okay. If it's this much work to "not" finish a basement (but just fix it so it's barely functional), I can't even imagine what a real renovation would be like.

love - Holly

10:43 PM  
Blogger sixty-five said...

Had I known there would be pizza I'd have stuck around!

8:33 AM  

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