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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


When we moved to this house in December, 1973, I didn't consider taking a tree inventory. But if I had, the tally would have been: 3 very large oaks, 1 giant blue spruce, 1 Japanese maple, and 2 pyramidal hollies, at the front corners of the house. Additionally, there was an enormous rhododendron - easily a twenty-footer - in the back. The maple and hollies were surely added when the house was built. All the others, I think, must have dated from the days when the previous house - a Queen Anne Victorian - occupied the lot.

As of today, the slate is clean. The last three to remain - the maple and the two hollies - were removed, including stumps, in less than half an hour. I never objected to the hollies, but they had completely outgrown their spot and were starting to brush against the house and the roof. There were alarming-looking NESTS in the branches! And the maple, whose demise I surely hastened by trying to garden around it, was never a favorite of mine.

Treeless now? No, not at all. I still have the neighbors' (both sides) oaks towering over me. And numerous town trees in the rear. I've gradually been planting smaller trees, more in scale with the house. And various evergreens, for more privacy, on the "plateau" at the far rear.

2007 inventory: 5 redbuds at various stages of growth, 4 white dogwoods, 1 pink dogwood, 1 pink Kousa dogwood, 3 serviceberries, and a sweet bay magnolia. And the evergreens. I'm very pleased with the course of events.


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