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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Yesterday was the last pastel class. Well, actually today, as we in the beginner class were invited to join the "master class" for a special session, the result of which you see before you. We were confronted with a diabolically complicated still life, and the assignment was to create an abstraction based on what we saw. I don't hate what I did, but I don't love it either. One thing I realize: I am still working with the very limited palette of about ten "sticks", or colors. Good discipline, but a little too limiting at times. Back to the art store!

The next session begins in two weeks. The focus will be on plein air painting. I hadn't necessarily planned to take another session. And I don't have a particular interest in landscape. At least I don't THINK that's the case. I'm not even sure that pastels are the medium for me.
I will have to miss at least two classes because of conflicts with bridge. BRIDGE? What's more important: bridge, or ART? I'm not sure. When I miss a bridge session, I miss seeing my friends. Do people count? I think so.

And of course there's the garden. I know how crazed I get in April and May. Why would I think I would have the time or energy to DRAW the garden after WORKING in it all day?

Well, whatever. I'm going ahead with it.


Blogger sukipoet said...

Interesting drawing. I myself have not done much landscape painting although my three recent oils are landscapes to give it a try. I like people in my paintings.

Maybe the classes can be for winter? I have a friend on the cape who is a big gardener and spends mega time these months doing whatever gardeners do.

Another friend has witch hazel and uses it as one of the first signs of spring.

8:37 AM  
Blogger sixty-five said...

Yes, winter is a better time for hunkering down with classes, though not best for plein air, which is why the class is being given now, and not then. I have a certain momentum and rapport going with the instructor, who is outstanding, and we have the option of ALSO attending the next-day master classes for no additional fee, meaning 2 days in a row at the same site, some of which are gorgeous private gardens (another "carrot"!) So those things all had to be considered. Thus, we'll see how it goes.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Mary Richmond said...

i love your pastel! and am glad to find your blog, too!

12:07 PM  

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