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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Catching grass, that is.

When I bought the gas mower a few years ago, the idea was that I'd use it only until the lawn reduction program was advanced to the point that I could realistically just use the old-fashioned push mower. There was a grass-catcher included, but I didn't pay any attention to how to attach it since my intention was just to let the clippings fly.

Now, however, I desperately need clippings to layer over the cardboard and newspapers which are artfully and attractively spread all over the front lawn. So today I had to figure out how to attach the catcher. I am SOOO un-mechanical, and those multi-lingual user guides drive me nuts - the worst part being the way they COMBINE the instructions for a million different models so you aren't even sure which parts apply to you.

Well I finally got it figured out - just before the rainstorm (a daily event, it seems) began. Oh well. In the meantime I've been clipping and deadheading everything like crazy just to create other layering material. The neighbors are used to my "science experiments" by now. It will all come together in time.

What else? Oh, the pool. I actually went there three times in the past week, as compared to not at all up til then. This has to be the rainiest summer in history.


Blogger sukipoet said...

Interesting to hear that you too, down there, have been having so much rain. Up here definitely the rainiest july ever they say. My dad loved lawns and as this is his house there is a large expanse of it. My brother cuts it. He lets the grass blow all over. The problem is I like to lie out there and do my yoga on my yoga blanket which gets all covered with grass. Then, the grass tracks in on my shoes. I rake a small area and carry it up to the garden to use as mulch but so much easier if he'd put on the grass catcher. Bravo to you for figuring it out. And also, you figured out the cable thing on the computer. Next, people will be calling you to help them. And you'll have a part time job as a handywoman. :)

8:11 AM  

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