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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blogging: doing it backwards

What do I know of blogging, really? I kind of stumbled on it. Some of the first blogs I noticed were food blogs. After a while I began to see a pattern: blog often, blog well, and, with luck you'll end up with a book deal.

One of my new favorite bloggers has turned the tables. Margaret Roach, of A Way to Garden, had, after a long career in garden journalism, including the writing of numerous books, reached the pinnacle of success as the director of all editorial content for Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Nowhere further to go. So, what does she decide to do, but chuck it all - ditch the corporate life, and retire to her gorgeous upstate New York garden and BLOG! What she really really likes to do is garden and write about gardening. So that's what she's doing. Lucky for the rest of us, she is really, really good at it.


Blogger Margaret said...

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I had to laugh today, 5 days into no DSL service and now with a broken blog to boot (separate problem), reading your "technical difficulties" post. Yup. And I love the shrinking lawn. Good for you. See you soon again (I if I get my tech mess fixed over at A Way to Garden).

8:16 AM  

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