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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gardening by mail

Feast or famine, right? No posts for months then two, back to back. Well I was on my way to check things out on the garden, which, by the way, is looking remarkably spiffy so far, when I spotted the Bluestone package by the door.

You know about them, I hope? They're somewhere in Ohio and they have an enormous inventory of perennials and shrubs - more every year. And right now they're having their famous 50% off sale.

The plants? Well the three-pack is the impossible to find verbena bonariensis that I've been lusting for. It's going to send little lavender flowers on almost invisible wiry four foot stems floating airily over the roses.

The other is clematis terniflora, or sweet autumn clematis. I had almost been WISHING for a nice dead tree for it to wander through when - ta da - the redbud at the base of the hill in back chose to oblige.

Won't that look cool?

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Blogger Cate said...

No, I don't know about them. Will have to file that away!

These days my horticultural shopping consists of a mad dash through a stupid, easy to maneuver store (whatever I am near!) and grab things as quickly as I can so that I can pay before kids get unruly.

I can almost hear Mom's disapproving "hmmm" in my ear as I whiz along.

I suppose, in theory, on-line shopping *would* be easier!

Oooh, and that verbena IS lovely. We'll need some "after" pictures!

12:40 PM  

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