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Friday, September 08, 2006

Dell does Well

It wouldn't be fair to leave the whole Dell affair just hanging. Things were dicey for a while. But the promised battery did arrive - finally.

Then (this is hard to believe, I know) there was a SECOND crisis: I arrived home from the Adirondacks after having been away from the computer for nearly two weeks only to discover that the AC adaptor suddenly didn't work. I had about 30 minutes of precious battery power left - then - nada. So, back on the phone to Chennai. "Travis" took over an hour, mostly taken up by "excuse me while I check on something for you" intervals, but the end result was the promise of a brand new adaptor and ANOTHER battery - both gratis. Not only did they arrive promptly, but there was an interim phone call telling me that they were en route. So, Dell, if you are reading this (and I have reason to believe you might be) - thank you. I'm going to stay on board.

Update: 2:28 PM: I don't mean to dwell on Dell, but this is unbelievable. Just now, ANOTHER call from "Travis" asking if I had received the adaptor and whether all was well. He announced that he was sending me an email with his personal contact information that I could use to guarantee a fast response for any future problems. Sure enough, the email arrived within about 3 seconds.

Dell is on the move. This is a company that knows it has problems and is working to fix them big time. I'm holding on to my computer AND to my stock.


Blogger SuperMom said...

Oh good! I still love my Dell and was starting to worry about future computer purchases.

10:57 AM  
Blogger ibby said...

Among the things they were checking on was probably a note in the system that says: "This one has a blog, send her something for free and fast!"

12:32 PM  

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