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Sunday, September 10, 2006

65 and Better

I came across this recently on Ken Jennings' consistently interesting blog. Ken is the all-time Jeopardy champ in case the name isn't ringing a bell; I met him briefly at the Crossword Tournament in Stamford last March where he was invited to speak and ended up winning in the rookie division. Very nice, down-to-earth guy. Anyway, he writes:

The list of haircut prices on the counter listed two special rates: one for "Junior (12 and Under)" and one for "Senior (65 and Better)." "65 and better?" The opposite of "under" isn't typically "better". Do we really think America's delicate elderly would be offended by formulations like "65 and older" or even "65 and over" No, apparently they won't be happy until we pretend that debilitating old age and proximity to grisly death is "better" than youth and vitality. (Yes, I know it's "better than the alternative." Ho ho ho.)

Too bad this blog already has a name. It would have been something to consider.


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